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Riding Lessons & Training

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About The Trainer

Trainer Stacy Sutton

Stacy Sutton is our resident trainer at Maywood Stables. Stacy focuses on the disciplines of Classical Dressage, Western Dressage, and more recently, Working Equitation. She specializes in promotion and training of the Gypsy Performance Horse.


Stacy provides an all-inclusive training environment for horse and rider through training, lessons, educational opportunities, and competition coaching.  She is committed and dedicated in providing professional riding instruction that is educational, personally rewarding, and fun.  Stacy Sutton offers varied and unique training methods that honor the horse. She uses a “horse first, sport second” and training for balance and soundness methodology. 


Both Stacy and her students enjoy competing at USDF/ODS/CDS Rated Dressage Shows, Schooling Dressage Shows, Schooling and Rated Western Dressage Shows, Working Equitation Shows, and Gypsy Horse Breed Shows throughout the show season. Lesson horse and pony available for those who do not own their own horse.


Trailer-in lessons at Maywood Stables are always welcome.


To learn more about Stacy and Vineyard Oak Dressage please visit:

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